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Right Sector. Interview for Croatian Creativity Movement

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

RS2This interview was sent to the contact person of Croatian Creativity Movement on August 13. Since then the political situation in Ukraine changed again, so I have to make a few updates:

1. Not so long ago, when Right Sector’s members were detained, beaten and disarmed after their return from East Ukraine, Dmytro Yarosh was ready to leave the zone of ATO and turn against the corrupt officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, especially Volodymyr Evdokimov, but MIA Avakov and the Cabinet of Ministers promised to fire him, so Yarosh cancelled his threat. However, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko hasn’t recognized Volunteer Ukrainian Corps “Right Sector” yet as an official governmental structure, so further clashes with the key figures of his regime are possible, especially after the treacherous destruction of the volunteer battalions near Ilovaysk, which is under investigation now.

Recently Right Sector’s activists started the wave of so-called #trashbucketchallenge actions, which consist in public throwing a corrupt politician in the dumpster. Right Sector’s electoral lists are ready, Dmytro Yarosh decided to run for parliamentary election in the Dnipropetrovsk region and sucessfully entered the Parliament. …read more

Right Sector. Interview for Traditional.RIGHT

Monday, September 1st, 2014

TryzubOriginal (a bit shortened version for the sake of readability) may be found here

James Harmon

1.Hi Olena, before we start I wanted to congratulate you on your appointment to the position of Press Secretary for Right Sector. We have talked for some time now on and off, and given your very capable writing skills,  your vibrant and powerful intellect, I think they could not have picked a better choice. I also wanted to congratulate you on the victory of the Ukrainian people over the corrupt regime of Yanukovitch, it is a truly inspiring thing to see.

Hi James, firstly, thank you for your congratulations! Although it was an overthrow rather than accomplished National Revolution, the spirit of the latter has been awoken, and the massive patriotic consolidation in our country, not mentioning ascension of the Ukrainian Right, surprises us even more than this miraculous victory.

Secondly, many thanks for your high assessment of my intellectual abilities that (I hope) will be put into service of our cause to a full extent! Perhaps the term “Press Secretary” is not a very precise description of my duties, for even though I took responsibility for the relations of Right Sector with the foreign nationalist movements and organizations, I set a more complex goal for myself that requires strategic thinking, indeed. …read more