About Ukrainian Traditionalist Club

The Ukrainian Traditionalist Club was established in Kyiv in summer 2009.

The Great Emblem of Ukraine Our main goals are:

1)     The study, research and analysis of Ukrainian Tradition and the Traditions of other nations.

2)     The study, research and analysis of the Impact of Tradition in nowadays society. Providing solutions to the existing problems.

3)     The study of Western and Eastern heritage, especially the heritage which is forgotten.

4)     Participation in cross-cultural dialogue, providing true information about Ukraine in English and other languages.

5)     One of the main goals is – the creation and consolidation of new Ukrainian elite (cultural, political, business, scientific) which has Traditionalist worldview.

6)     Making lectures, discussions, debates on different important and trending topics, etc

The Head of Ukrainian Traditionalist Club is Andriy Voloshyn