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Meditations on Ukraine

Monday, September 17th, 2012

As a Ukrainian friend once said of Western postmodernity: it is “a way to convert everything into banality.” Everything about the values and schizophrenic fragmented subjectivity of video games, internet personas and synthetic sub-cultures is completely asinine and destined for collapse. As someone who responds the pull of the archaic, I feel completely alienated in the West, totally at odds with the prevailing society of madness, almost as an agent behind enemy lines. Perhaps this is literally true, and I have declared war on the postmodern world.

One can, if sensitive to such things, detect a loathing in the West of today for aesthetics. Any standards of beauty or decency -whether this be in the arts or garments- are trashed and ironic blends of utterly ridiculous and incongruous styles are mashed together. Such a contrast to my friends of the Ukrainian Traditionalist Club who are sartorial archeofuturists, often combining a sharp suit with an ancient vyshyvanka. …read more

Chandalas Without Borders

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Behold the sub-man! The uncouth mobs of the international chandala uprising against beauty and refinement. They have not will, nor rationality, or a sense of the romantic, only an inarticulate urge to wreck, a baneful impulse towards destruction of all true cultural forms.

“Destroy two-thousand years of culture” was the distorted, hateful scream of the sub-man Alec Empire at the height of his days as chief din-maker for the recently reformed juvenile noise producers “Atari Teenage Riot”. His psychotic band mate, Carl Crack, died alone in his no-doubt abominable apartment, with a stomach full of alcohol and drugs. A fitting end for a chandala without past or future, without heritage or destiny. Carl’s stage surname was after after the crystalline form of cocaine, the narcotic of choice among the most wretched of dying metropolis squatters. …read more

Transformation of Ernst Jünger’s Alternative to the Bourgeois Individual

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Transformation of Ernst Jünger’s Alternative to the Bourgeois Individual


Ernst Jünger’s personality and writings have always been surrounded by heated debates between his admirers and haters. Quite expectedly, the main source of this passionate attitude lays in Ernst Jünger’s biography, namely his undeniable ideological commitment in the development of National Socialism (1). Although in philosophical-political relation he is a foremost member of the Conservative Revolution, the later is equally arguable phenomenon because of its historical connectedness with the totalitarian regimes. …read more

The Concept of a Specific Human Type in the Conservative Revolution (on the example of Jünger’s Anarch and Evola’s Right Wing Anarchist)

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

This article explores similar personifications of the Conservative Revolutionary concept of a specific human type in the late works of Ernst Jünger and Julius Evola represented by the models of Anarch and the right-wing anarchist accordingly.

Key words: the specific human type, Conservative Revolution, Anarch, right-wing anarchist. …read more