Chandalas Without Borders

Behold the sub-man! The uncouth mobs of the international chandala uprising against beauty and refinement. They have not will, nor rationality, or a sense of the romantic, only an inarticulate urge to wreck, a baneful impulse towards destruction of all true cultural forms.

“Destroy two-thousand years of culture” was the distorted, hateful scream of the sub-man Alec Empire at the height of his days as chief din-maker for the recently reformed juvenile noise producers “Atari Teenage Riot”. His psychotic band mate, Carl Crack, died alone in his no-doubt abominable apartment, with a stomach full of alcohol and drugs. A fitting end for a chandala without past or future, without heritage or destiny. Carl’s stage surname was after after the crystalline form of cocaine, the narcotic of choice among the most wretched of dying metropolis squatters.

Often attracted to the most decayed districts of urban sprawl, the chandalas find common squalid dwellings with their perverted kinsmen, the drug addicts and bipedal botches, sub-man refuse from all over the globe. From here, in conditions intolerable for the healthy of spirit, they venture out prey upon the worker and the creator, leeching upon the productive for their sustenance, whether this be by nefarious endeavours or though extracting welfare from the residual hierarchical structures of the system they loathe.
See how the sub-men further dehumanize their condition by mutilation of their physicalities. From the green-haired punks of the late 1970s to the facial piercings, the ear-lobe devastating “tunnels” and pervasive tattoos of the twenty-first century, the implacable enemies of aesthetics hypostatize ugliness. A noble soul can see their aphotic halos, dark like the black flag of nihilism and negation which they rally under. They must oppose, their identity is of negativity.
Do not think that these entities are some sort of bestial atavism, the international chandalas are the pinnacle of “progressivism” having neither roots from below or transcendental inspiration from above.
As mere brutes, the chandalas have no leadership class, so the power of this heinous, malodorous mob can be vectored by a more insidious enemy of folk and tradition, another rootless international parasite, the money and corporate power.
Peter Sutherland, Bilderberg Group member, head of the “Global Forum on Migration and Development” and non-executive chief of banking colossus Goldman Sachs urged the European Union to “undermine…homogeneity” [1] in the states which make up this bloc. Just like the deconstructionist Jaccques Derrida, the money power wishes to eradicate any “…. identitariancommunity” [2] as “…the terror of an organic, ethnic, spiritual unity [and] the natural, native bonds of the nation” [3] will resist the mongrelization and the global unrestricted movement of capital and labour they envision.
This mercantile, usurious power, producing nothing of true value has taken the role of forming culture, an act which it has absolutely no competence for. The bourgeois cosmopolitans, with no loyalty to folk or faith are a force unique to modernity, they have destroyed the priestly and philosopher caste, taken their position and broken down the entire caste system of the traditional world.
There is a second element to the empowerment of the chandalas without borders, the utopian daydreamers and do-gooders who are allowed by their money power masters to poison the cultural space with egalitarian notions of unfettered liberty, human rights and similar bilge. In traditional societies criminality is neither tolerated nor excused and often punished physically. For Socrates, “…so long as [the soul] is evil, senseless and undisciplined and unjust and impious, it should be restrained from its desires and suffered to do nothing but what will improve it”.[4] Our utopia fantasizers disagree, they would regard such Socratic wisdom as a justification of tyranny, a restriction of the mythical inalienable rights of the chandala criminal underworld. And so, no limits are placed upon the chandalas, there is a toleration of their pathologies and elaborate intellectual constructs are concocted to explain away their deviances. They are viewed as oppressed by a conspiracy, they are in need of liberation from the class which has a jackboot on their throats.
Agitated and liberated, the chandala hordes swell the ranks of the anti-hierarchy and anti-tradition movement, acting unwittingly as cudgel and Molotov cocktail wielding enforcers for the globalist ideologues. The system points, they attack.
But the system is now in free-fall, financially and biopolitically and all three hypostases of the unholy trinity of usurer, utopian dreamer and sub-man will be annihilated by the inevitable convergence of catastrophes. Tradition, hierarchy and spirituality will be resurgent among the ruins.

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