Meditations on Ukraine

As a Ukrainian friend once said of Western postmodernity: it is “a way to convert everything into banality.” Everything about the values and schizophrenic fragmented subjectivity of video games, internet personas and synthetic sub-cultures is completely asinine and destined for collapse. As someone who responds the pull of the archaic, I feel completely alienated in the West, totally at odds with the prevailing society of madness, almost as an agent behind enemy lines. Perhaps this is literally true, and I have declared war on the postmodern world.

One can, if sensitive to such things, detect a loathing in the West of today for aesthetics. Any standards of beauty or decency -whether this be in the arts or garments- are trashed and ironic blends of utterly ridiculous and incongruous styles are mashed together. Such a contrast to my friends of the Ukrainian Traditionalist Club who are sartorial archeofuturists, often combining a sharp suit with an ancient vyshyvanka. Indeed, the naturally archaic way in which I saw Ukrainians dress and behave at the Pirogovo Folk Museum places them outside of time, utterly smashing the lie of the inevitability of progress, and that this change in and of itself is a good occurrence.

My visit to Ukraine made me reflect upon the pathologies of British culture, especially those regarding sex. While enjoying some splendid jasmine green tea during conversation with one of the youth leaders of Svoboda, a young couple opposite, clearly deeply in love, stared longingly at each other other, softly touching hands, ignoring everything around them, including the delicious food on their table. Such a genuine, traditional type of love scene can almost never be found in today’s Britain, for the woman in her demure, modest gentleness and authentic femininity is a relic from an era which cannot even be contemplated by her vulgar, churlish Western contemporaries. The female archetype has been utterly twisted by the Atlanticist media masters- the high priests of hyper-reality and their clergy in academia. The new woman is is to be utterly free, even free from her own biology and the consequences of actions, as the horrid “Slutwalk” [1] phenomenon demonstrates. The ideal male is one who is in perpetual adolescence: he is thuggish, impulsive and emotionally immature. He even dresses like a slovenly teenager. Both of these archetypes are highly dysgenic and psychologically damaging.

Throughout the Ukrainian adventure I noticed couples passionately and very publicly embracing and kissing and told an accompanying female friend that such amorous antics would be frowned upon in Britain: the lovers would be told to “get a room”! She raised an eyebrow in a condemnation of this silly attitude, “this is perfectly normal”, she assured me. The emotional coldness of the British, infamous the world over, is a dangerous suppression of “perfectly normal” and healthy urges, urges which manifest and explode in often dangerous ways during orgiastic weekend intoxication or in despicable, pornographic displays like the Slutwalk.

Almost every deviation is tolerated in the West, justified in terms of liberation- liberation from from the beauty of a traditional society I saw during my visit to Kyiv.

Why do I love Ukraine? Ukraine is an ark of sanity and traditionalism in a world drowning in a deluge of digital hyper-reality.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes of the same!


1. The “Slutwalk” was a protest organized by militant lesbians and radical feminists in manufactured outrage over a seemingly common-sense lecture by Canadian police officer Michael Sanguinetti. In his talk, officer Sanguinetti suggested that women should be mindful of their clothing and try to avoid dressing provocatively “like sluts” when on a night out to avoid unwanted sexual attention. The seasoned agitators who founded what is now an international movement wanted to reclaim the word “slut” to empower women and deconstruct traditional ideas of sex. The Slutwalk came to London and Cardiff in 2011 and future marches are planned.

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